Are you looking for the best alternative to dentures? Have you been told that traditional implants are not suitable for you? Have you considered All-On-4™?

What is the All-On-4™ Procedure?

The All-On-4™ procedure is the best treatment plan for rehabilitating a full arch of teeth. It is suitable for people who have lost or are about to lose most (if not all) of their teeth. The All-On-4™ protocol allows dentists to install a full set of functioning and permanently fixed teeth in your mouth in just 1-3 days. It is an outcome-based treatment planning philosophy allowing us to best focus on your desire for an uncomplicated treatment process. The results offer optimal and immediate results that are aesthetic and longevity focused.

We achieve this revolutionary technique with only four implants that together support a whole arch of teeth in your mouth. As a result, you have the option of treating either your upper or lower or both jaws with All-On-4™.

At the end of treatment, we will finish your journey by providing you a full set of fixed teeth that will allow you to smile and function with confidence.

All-On-Four™ Bridge insert from The Melbourne Smile Centre, Best Dentist Melbourne

With 20 years experience in restorative dental implants, you’re in safe hands.

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All-On-Four™ Patient at the Best Dentist Melbourne Smile Centre

Why choose All-On-4™ at The Melbourne Smile Centre?

All-On-4™ is the most permanent and comprehensive option to replace an upper or lower jaw of teeth. With only four implants, All-On-4™ delivers optimal results for full mouth rehabilitation. So, it is suitable for most candidates and provides a full set of teeth within only 1-3 days. Most noteworthy, your new implants will stay fixed in your mouth providing you the functionality of a full mouth of teeth 24/7.

An aspect that our patients love about All-On-4™ at The Melbourne Smile Centre is that you can preview and determine the design of your new teeth before having them installed. Afterwards, we design, create and put a mock-up in your mouth, making adjustments as required to achieve teeth that help you smile confidently

At The Melbourne Smile Centre, our team is highly experienced and qualified to perform the All-On-4™ procedure. Additionally, Dr. Jaclyn Wong is a surgeon with the Malo Australia team. The Malo team has performed All-on-4™ surgery now for over 10 years with excellent outcomes. Association with the Malo name ensures we have worldwide support for our patients. Furthermore, Dr. George Paltoglou has the training and experience to plan and coordinate All-on-4™ Dentistry. He has been responsible for the restorative phase of dental implants for over 20 years, with very impressive results.

Finally, as is standard at The Melbourne Smile Centre, we use the best possible materials, technologies and equipment available for each service. As a result, we have successfully treated many cases with All-On-4™, achieving wonderful results for a smile that’s designed to last. Therefore with us, you can be rest assured that you will be in capable and experienced hands to enable you to achieve the best and most customised results.

Your All-On-4™ Journey at The Melbourne Smile Centre.

We understand that dental surgery is a big commitment that requires thorough consideration. Due to that, we’ve made sure that we’re here to provide you all the information you need about your All-On-4™ journey with us. Above all factors, our practitioners have extensive knowledge and experience in this protocol.

So, one of the most common queries we get about All-On-4™ is what the treatment process looks like. Thus, we’ve decided to highlight your journey below.

The unbelievable fact is that you could have a beautiful, full smile on the same or next day!

Best Dentist Melbourne The Melbourne Smile Centre image of Dr. Matt Youseff holding an All-On-Four™ If you’d like to know more about All-On-Four™ Bridge before insert

Initial consult:

Firstly, in this consultation, we sit down with you to assess your particular dental concerns and outline a treatment plan to address them. Then, we will look at your medical and dental history in great detail to develop a the best understanding of your unique requirements. Following this, we may take photographs, scans, impressions, and diagnostic radiographs to form a thorough picture of your case. Additionally Digital Smile Design comes into play here as an integral phase in your treatment to optimise the outcome of your result.


Once we’ve agreed on your best dental plan, we proceed with the first day – the surgical appointment. During this phase, we assess the best design and position for your new teeth. Following this, we make amendments as required to achieve the end result you wish for. So we look over factors such as the size of the teeth, their placement and colour. We proceed to creating your final set once you’re happy with how your new smile will look and feel. In this appointment take impressions for where your teeth will be placed and insert your acrylic or temporary teeth. We perform this procedure under local anaesthetic with the option for you to be under sedation or general anaesthetic also.


On the final day of treatment, we insert your new teeth and fix them to your dental implants. Once that’s done, you can go back out in the world enjoying the confidence that your new teeth will restore for you.

Please feel free to email us at any time, or book in a consult with our team today if you’d like to learn more about All-On-4™. We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing the best result with the highest quality and expert care possible.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing the best result with the highest quality and expert care possible.


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With 20 years experience in restorative dental implants, you’re in safe hands.