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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth may cause pain and infections, particularly when they are impacted. It is best practice to remove wisdom teeth at the first sign of any issues, or if they are diagnosed from X-rays as impacted and likely to cause an issue. Even those that erupt entirely and do not cause pain may present a problem. Due to their positioning in the mouth, they can tough to clean properly and may cause decay. They may also cause unnecessary crowding of your other teeth.

If it is decided that oral surgery is your best treatment option, you will be given a few options before the procedure. First, you will choose between a full general anesthetic or have the treatment done in the chair. Then the actual process of removing wisdom teeth only takes minutes to perform. All while you are under general anesthesia or sedation to prevent discomfort.

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After your teeth are extracted, the gums are then sutured shut. It is best to have someone there to drive you home following the removal as it will not be safe for you to operate a vehicle after being heavily sedated. For faster healing, you will want to keep the extraction site clean and free of debris for the first couple of weeks after removal. Try to eat soft foods for the first few days and avoid sucking through a straw after surgery. Be sure to contact Melbourne Smile Centre if you experience fever or discomfort. There may be medications provided by our doctor that you must take to prevent infection and it is essential to follow all aftercare instructions.

Oral Surgery

We provides oral surgery services at The Melbourne Smile Centre. We provides a caring and patient-centric approach to treatment. Our comprehensive training across the medical and dental professions ensures patients receive a thorough assessment, treatment plan and the highest quality of care.

We care about your well being and ensure the best treatment plan and the highest quality of care.

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We care about your well being and ensure the best treatment plan and the highest quality of care.