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At The Melbourne Smile Centre, we understand that cosmetic dental work can be both a daunting and significant commitment which is why we offer Digital Smile Design.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an amazing technology developed by Dr. Christian Coachman (from Brazil) that allows dentists to best digitally design and pre-plan your smile on your face before going ahead with treatment.

It is a technology that allows dentists to streamline the process of taking dental records, analysing your face and prescribing the best treatment plan for you. It allows you to essentially road-test the smile we design before going ahead with our agreed procedures. The best part about Digital Smile Design is that it gives you the opportunity to co-design your smile with us.

Introduced 10 years ago, this innovative technology helps dentists improve the quality, precision and results of cosmetic dental treatments. Today, with the use of sophisticated computer software, photography, 3D scans and dynamic video we can now compare a 3D portrait of your existing face alongside a created 3D plan of your potential new smile. Then, a model of your planned restorations or treatments can be created. Finally, the model is placed directly over your teeth as a trial before committing to any cosmetic procedures.

Digital Smile Design Render of teeth at Best Dentist Melbourne

We use the latest in 3D technology to deliver the best results to you.

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We use the latest in 3D technology to deliver the best results to you.

How does Digital Smile Design work?

There are two different types of Digital Smile Design: 2D and 3D. The essential difference is that ‘2D’ DSD gives you a computer generated image, whereas ‘3D’ DSD gives you a mock up of your smile that you can insert into your mouth to trial before proceeding with the result. Of note, at The Melbourne Smile Centre, we create 3D Digital Smile Design mock ups so that you can see your smile in your mouth before commencing cosmetic dentistry treatment. 

Thus, to digitally design your smile, we firstly combine our vast clinical knowledge with intuitive cosmetic artistry to analyse and carefully study your existing facial features and dental attributes. Then, we take high quality images, scans and videos to look at:

  • facial aesthetics
  • your dental and facial midline positions
  • the relationship between your dental and facial aesthetics
  • soft tissue (gum) harmony and symmetry
  • phonetic considerations

Following this, we use the images we document to plan and design different options for your potential smile through our sophisticated software. We undertake this process with you collaboratively to make sure that the results we design are in line with your treatment goals. 

Finally, with your approval, we convert our designed results into your treatment plan.

Before and after digital smile design at the melbourne smile centre
Camera used for digital smile design at the best dentist melbourne

What are the benefits?

Digital Smile Design is the best technology in Melbourne for ensuring ideal Cosmetic Dentistry results. Amazingly, this innovative technology has enabled us to craft the ideal treatment plans for our patient’s needs and create precise results with great success.

Digital Smile Design is the ideal pathway for patients wishing to undertake complex treatments or cosmetic dental services. Thus, it helps to avoid uncertainty by showing you a visual of your result prior to treatment. That way, you have a say on what your end smile will look like. And, also the opportunity to test that in your mouth before we create the results.

As dentists, our goal is to create the most natural looking smile that enhances your face with an aesthetic that you are pleased with. Therefore Digital Smile Design helps us to help you feel confident about your results by allowing you to choose the changes we make to your smile.

Is it right for me?

Digital Smile Design is right for anyone who is considering dental treatment that will alter the look of their existing smile. The range of treatments that may fall under this category are: Invisalign, veneers, crowns, bridges, All on 4, dental implants, full oral rehabilitation, and even whitening.

If you’d like to know what your results would look like in advance, then Digital Smile Design is for you. We understand that committing to any major work can be daunting. That is why pre-planning is vital for easing your concerns.

Why go to The Melbourne Smile Centre for Digital Smile Design?

Here at The Melbourne Smile Centre, we’ve been trained by Dr. Christian Coachman himself. Therefore we are considered one of the very best providers of Digital Smile Design as dentists in Melbourne.

When you come to us, we take a thorough and collaborative approach with you to design and road-test your desired smile before undergoing treatment with our clinicians. Additionally, we take the time to have thorough discussions with you to outline your case and expectations of us. Then, once we prepare your mock-up, we trial this over your teeth to get a clear image of how your final smile will look.

Following this, with your approval, we sit down with you to go through your treatment plan outlining recommendations, costs and appointment scheduling. This is a communicative and collaborative approach. Finally, the only surprise at the end will be your beautiful smile!

With a communicative and collaborative approach, the only surprise will be your beautiful smile.

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With a communicative and collaborative approach, the only suprise will be your beautiful smile.