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Ever notice how someone with a beautiful smile, makes you want to smile? A gorgeous, healthy smile can make a significant impact on your life and those that you come in contact with. A beaming smile with straight teeth will improve not only how others perceive your personality and your attractiveness, but how you see yourself.

People with bright, straight healthy teeth demonstrate high self-esteem and radiate confidence. Millions of adults, teens, and children have improved their lives and their health by getting their teeth and their bites corrected.

Do you feel the same way but don’t want to wear traditional braces due to being in a career field where you meet new people regularly like a

sales role, or you don’t want the whole world to know while you undergo treatment? If the answer is yes, then clear aligners may be right for you.

Beautiful teeth, without braces, ask us about Invisalign.

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Beautiful teeth, without braces, ask us about Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?®

Invisalign® is the clear alternative to braces by treating crooked and crowded teeth in adults in teens. Customised to each patient’s needs, Invisalign® uses a series of custom-shaped, plastic aligners to correct the position of teeth and are so discreet most people won’t ever notice them.

While the exact number of Invisalign® aligners needed to finish treatment will be based on your unique orthodontic needs, each consecutive aligner will be created to apply the required force to guide your teeth to their ideal position.

Each retainer will need to be worn for about two weeks before it is replaced with a new one. Generally, the course of treatment is about the

same amount of time as treatment with traditional braces. You must wear the clear aligners 20 – 22 hours a day, but not during meals or while brushing and flossing.

Invisalign treatment is customised to your needs.

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Invisalign treatment is customised to your needs.

Common Misconceptions About Clear Aligners

Q: I have heard that clear aligners are not as effective as braces, is this true?

A: This not true at all. While for some patients traditional braces is still an option, Invisalign eliminates a lot of guesswork. Each perfect smile is created with the Invisalign 3D planning tool before treatment even begins.


Q: I have heard the no matter what dentist I use for Invisalign I will get the same results, is this true?

A: This one is definitely not TRUE! Invisalign is a service, not a product,

and each dentist has a different skill set and experience with clear aligners. You should always pick a provider that has a wide variety of success with Invisalign or clear aligners. Ever been told you aren’t a candidate for Invisalign? It may have been that the provider was inexperienced and wanted to go with a more familiar treatment plan.

Q: I have heard that Invisalign or clear aligners are too expensive, is this true?

A: False! While the cost will ultimately depend on the provider and the extent of your treatment, Invisalign is not any more expensive than traditional braces.

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Have questions? Ask an expert today to find out if Invisalign can help you.

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Have questions? Ask an expert today to find out if Invisalign can help you.

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