Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

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Porcelain Bonded Restoration is the dental term for Veneers and Crowns. When we say Veneers and/or Crowns, we are referring to porcelain facings or gold crowns for your teeth. At The Melbourne Smile Centre we provide true biomimetic dentistry. Thus, this means we minimise tooth damage. Consequently, this creates longer lasting results and functional outcomes with outstanding cosmetic improvements.

Porcelain veneers and crowns are carefully designed by our dentist and world class ceramist to match the colour of the existing teeth and improve the aesthetics of your smile for a variety of dental issues. The result is that sound tooth structure is preserved, vitality is maintained and treatment is less invasive.

In general, porcelain bonded restorations are best for patients who have severe wear, cosmetic concerns, heavy discolouration or missing teeth. However, if we think another treatment is more suitable to your concerns, we will recommend the best course of action accordingly.

World class ceramsit’s and world dentists creating beautiful smiles.

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The dental practitioners at The Melbourne Smile Centre are renowned for creating expert quality and beautiful results. Also, our cosmetic services includes all aspects of facial cosmetics. Thus, we design your smile from your mouth outwards to include anti-wrinkle injections, thread lifting and facial rejuvenation to enhance your result.

Our team of dentists is lead by Dr. George Paltoglou combines over 100 years of clinical experience. Subsequently, we provide both long-term excellence with the latest and best advancements in digital and cosmetic dentistry to ensure results. Having both hailed from world class education programs, Dr. Matthew and Dr. George continue to redefine themselves and the quality of their work with every case. Therefore, we can treat every case no matter how complex. Above all, we pride ourselves on our creative problem solving and skilful artistry when it comes to dentistry.

Satisfied Patient smile after receiving the best porcelain veneers and crowns from the best dentist in Melbourne

World class ceramsit’s and world dentists creating beautiful smiles.

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Your Porcelain Bonded Restoration journey at The Melbourne Smile Centre

At The Melbourne Smile Centre, we prefer to work with healthy tooth structure when treating with Veneers or Crowns.

Step 1: Your first consult. We will sit down to review your concerns and smile goals. We’ll examine your existing dentition, soft tissues, and facial profiles. We take photos and a digital 3D model of your mouth. The team then plan your best options.

Step 2: Then, we have a second consultation where we review your treatment options before establishing our treatment goals, discuss costs, longevity outcomes and maintenance tips.

Importantly, if any gum treatment is required, this will happen first. This ensures that all treatment is completed on the best, sound and healthy platform for your teeth. Furthermore, any required orthodontic or Invisalign treatment will follow. Finally, any restorative treatment will then be completed.

Step 3: Treatment.

World class ceramsit’s and world dentists creating beautiful smiles.