Do you know what causes tooth decay in children? And how to prevent it?

Please meet Michelle Haddad, one of our lovely Oral Health Therapists at The Melbourne Smile Centre in Toorak, whose primary passion is children’s oral health and hygiene. She introduces tooth decay and the importance of oral maintenance for children in the above video. Below are further facts so that you have all the information you need! 

Tooth decay is the the breakdown of tooth enamel often caused when a surplus of sugary or acidic substances are left swimming around the mouth, or on teeth, eroding their precious surface down and causing things such as:
– Plaque (the combination of bacteria, food, acid and saliva that sticks to the surface of teeth)
– Cavities (holes in the teeth)

The tough thing about tooth decay is that the symptoms of pain or discomfort in the mouth only present themselves when the situation gets really bad. So, often it’s hard to tell if your child’s teeth are decaying unless you get regular check-ups and immediate treatment to avoid the uncomfortable symptoms occurring!

When not treated correctly, your child may lose their precious tooth which will impact the growth of their adult teeth. As Michelle says, ‘all 20 of your child’s baby teeth are important’ and we could not stress this enough!

So, how do you prevent tooth decay?
– Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first one appears (we’ll provide further instructions on how to do this for infants in later videos). Our rule of thumb is that parents should brush their children’s teeth until they can tie their own shoelace.
– Floss your child’s teeth daily after 2
– Manage and monitor your child’s daily diet so as to restrict snacks and meals that are overly sugary, acidic or sticky such as lollies, cakes, biscuits, pastries etc.
– MOST IMPORTANTLY: Schedule routine dental cleanings and exams for your child every 6 months

Aside from being able to provide those routine check-ups with passion and a smile, we deeply care about our patient’s dental IQ. We love working collaboratively with parents to arm you with all the information, process and tools you need to prevent tooth decay and maintain happy, healthy smiles for your children. Together, we would ensure a stellar dental future for your child and whole family so that (sadly) you can keep your visits with us to a minimum in the future!

Call us today to chat with our friendly staff at the front desk about how we might be able to look after your whole family’s smile.

We look forward to meeting you!

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