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Do you know when to bring your child in for its first dental visit? You’d be surprised how much of a difference the timing makes to your child’s oral health.

The dentist can be an intimidating place for children. Yet, this is the best time to get ahead of that dental anxiety so that your child can have a healthy relationship with their oral care to develop a strong dental IQ from the very beginning. The more your children care about their teeth, the less you’ll need to worry, and the less extensive dental work they’ll require in their adult life.

We encourage children to come and see us as early as 6 months old. The very first session is as simple as sitting lap-to-lap with one of our Oral Health Therapists (like Michelle). In this appointment we’ll take a quick preliminary look into your baby’s mouth and run through best practice hygiene care for you to manage from home. Your child does not need to sit in the chair until 2-3 years old where again, we begin by just checking and helping you understand the best ways to care for their teeth. Even piggybacking your child’s check-up so they sit in the chair after your visits helps them get acquainted with our rooms, facilities and the protective gear we wear whilst caring for your teeth.

This is a crucial time to develop a rapport with dentistry that will help them prioritise their oral care early to maintain healthy teeth as adults.

At The Melbourne Smile Centre we have Oral Health Therapists (like Michelle) who specialise in Children’s dental care. We also use state-of-the art technology (such as the Wand) to take the fear out of dentistry and make visits as comfortable and as pleasant as possible for your family.

In this video, Michelle details more information on your child’s crucial first visits to the dentist to help you plan ahead for their dental journeys.

Call us today on 9824 7722 for more information, or to book in a hygiene appointment for you and your family 🙂