This week, Dr. Matt sat down with us to address a key factor in achieving quality, beautiful and lasting veneers.

What dentists don’t often talk about is how to achieve the best and most long lasting veneer results. The trick is in preserving as much of the original tooth as possible. Minimal intervention to the original teeth requires thinner veneers. Creating thin veneers ensures that your original tooth remains strong and healthy for the porcelain facing to bond to, that you have a strong foundation for any future work, and that the results created are lasting. Doing this requires an exceptional amount of skill as the work is a lot more delicate when dealing with thinner veneers. It is tricky business!

We’re proud to say that, at The Melbourne Smile Centre, we treat veneer cases with very minimal to no intervention (where possible) to the existing tooth, utilising the thinnest possible porcelain facings to correct your smile cosmetically. We design the results first utilising Digital Smile Design, before working with the best ceramists to create the actual veneers. We begin with the end in mind when treating cases, and for us the result needs to be beautiful, quality, functional and lasting. Call us today if you’d like to find out more about veneers at The Melbourne Smile Centre.