Having beautiful teeth is an essential part of having the perfectly stylish lifestyle. Don’t believe us? Well then, let’s have a close look at the impeccably stylish designer, film-maker, tastemaker and doyen of luxury living Tom Ford’s list of living essentials that every man MUST have.

He balances the list between personal attributes, daily rituals hobbies, material objects, grooming essentials and ends by stipulating ‘perfect teeth’. ‘If you don’t have them, save up and have them fixed’ he instructs frankly. Of his grooming essentials, he also cites ‘Beautiful Toothbrush’ and ‘Good Mouthwash’ indicating the importance of oral hygiene and the personal routine of maintaining that. We recommend that you use a soft bristled toothbrush to protect your gums from erosion. 

The perfect smile finishes any tailored outfit and complements every impeccable haircut. It helps you perfectly punctuate moments of victory on the sporting field, it rounds off your sense of humour in pearly flashes. Whether for your personal confidence, or to share with your loved ones, beaming with beautiful teeth has the great potential to enhance a pleasurable and joyful life. That’s why we are so proud of what we do here at The Melbourne Smile Centre. We love improving the quality of life for our patients in something so simple as attending to a smile. That said, we can’t honestly say that the skill it takes could be classified as ‘simple’!

There are so many options that we have within our disposal to help shape your smile into one that you love with Cosmetic Dentistry. Our industry leading cosmetic dentists have also made Digital Smile Design available to help us collaborate with you to design your perfect smile and try the results in your mouth before going ahead with treatment. We pass no innovation by in Cosmetic Dentistry to ensure best results. So, whether you need a little straightening, a spot of whitening, an added tooth, porcelain veneers or a full rehabilitation, we encourage you to explore your options. 

You’d be surprised what a difference a smile makes!