We’ve learned from all of our years as Invisalign providers the best tips for wearing your trays.

Invisalign can take some getting used to despite being the most comfortable and minimally disruptive orthodontic treatment option on the market. Today we’d like to share 5 tips on wearing your Invisalign – straight from our expert patients.

1 Invest in an Emery Board 

Emery boards are those little round, flat boards with what looks like sandpaper glued to them. That is, in fact, called emery paper (hence the name of the tool!). Just as they can refine your nails, emery boards are also great for smoothing out any rough edges on your new Invisalign trays when you first get them. Sometimes, when our patients put in new trays, they mention that they can sense some parts that feel a little sharp in the mouth. The best fix for this is to gently and carefully smooth out those edges with your emery board. After an initial go, try it back in your mouth. If it feels a little rough still, give your Invisalign tray another gentle smoothing. Try not to file too roughly to avoid losing your tray! 

2 Don’t place your Invisalign Trays in napkins at restaurants

When you begin your Invisalign treatment, you will receive a little container for your trays. Carry this always with you to place your trays when you remove them from your mouth. A story we often hear from patients at one (or more) points in their treatment journey is that they absent-mindedly place their trays in a napkin at lunch, forget about it, and the napkin gets thrown out by the waiter by mistake! This nuisance is followed by rummaging restaurant bins IF you remember whilst seated! To avoid this hassle, make it a habit to always use your allocated container. It’s also more hygienic and safe for your trays. 

3 Never leave your trays out for more than 1 hour at a time.

This tip comes from us, rather than our patients. You are supposed to wear your trays 22 hours of a day. The longer the better, really! If you take them out for meals, try limit it to 40 minutes maximum. You can eat in 20-25 minutes, leave your teeth to rest for 10 minutes before popping your trays back in comfortably within this window. We’ve heard from patients before that they can feel the tingle of their teeth slightly moving when they keep their trays out for more than an hour. This is counterproductive to treatment, so best stick within the time frames. 

4 After eating, don’t put your tray in for 10 minutes.

We touched on this briefly during the previous point, but we encourage that you leave your teeth for 10 minutes after eating before re-inserting your trays. After eating, always wait at least 10 minutes before brushing. We highly encourage that you brush your teeth before re-inserting your trays ESPECIALLY if you’ve eaten sugary foods. Anything you eat will be stuck between your teeth and the trays after putting them back in. This is highly unhygenic and conducive to tooth decay. If you don’t have a brush handy with you out in public, then at least finish your meal with a big glass of water to wash away any excess particles. Then try to brush your teeth as soon as you get home. This also helps to keep the trays cleaner as well. 

5 Clean your trays!

It goes without saying that you should clean your trays at least once daily. We’ll write a blog post soon on how to do this, so keep your eyes peeled!

Invisalign is becoming the preferred orthodontic treatment option for our patients who come into the practice with tooth alignment issues. It’s comfortable, minimally disruptive and highly effective for most cases. If you’re interested in getting Invisalign, feel free to send us an enquiry or call our practice to book a free consultation with one of our friendly and expert team of practitioners.