What is Digital Smile Design?


Are you considering making cosmetic changes to your smile? Do you feel unsure about which treatment options to choose and what your results may look like?


If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then Digital Smile Design is right for you.


Digital Smile Design is an amazing technology that has revolutionized how we practice dentistry today. With Digital Smile Design we are able to design your smile with you and essentially ‘test drive’ the results on your face before going ahead with treatment.


We do this by taking real scans and images of your existing smile. We then overlay the images and analyze the following important factors of a smile: smile curve, smile plane, tooth shape, tooth size, face shape, face structure, and proportion. Once done, we design a digital image portraying the best smile that suits your face so you can see what your result will be after treatment. When you are happy with the image of what your smile will look like, we provide a 3D model of that smile to trial in the mouth. If you are happy with what you see, we can move forward with our prescribed treatment option for you.


We understand that deciding to enhance your smile can be daunting – especially with the many cosmetic dental services available today. With Digital Smile Design, we can eliminate the unknown with deciding which treatment options are the most suitable for you to achieve your dream smile. It really is such an exciting technology that has instrumentally improved patient satisfaction with cosmetic dentistry.


The skill level of the dentist is crucial with Digital Smile Design. Your practicing dentist not only needs to be highly skillful in executing cosmetic dentistry procedures, but they need to also have a keen eye and the creative ability to imagine and realize the optimum smile for your face.


Digital Smile Design is suitable for anyone who is considering porcelain bonded restorations (veneers), implants, crowns, whitening, teeth straightening and injectables.


Your practicing dentists at The Melbourne Smile Centre are experts in Digital Smile Design. We have been trained by the inventor of Digital Smile Design and are considered leaders in this field.


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